Frequently Asked Questions:


What should I expect at my first CrossFit workout?

Your first workout at Our Town CrossFit will be a fun and challenging experience.  Each class starts with a energetic warm-up, then it is skill training, instruction and movement standards for the WOD (workout of the day).  When your coach says “3-2-1 Go!” the challenge begins and our community of athletes push themselves and encourage others to achieve elite fitness.  Our community class is designed for universal scalability and anyone participate, but we also require participation in our Fundamentals Program to continue onto our regular CrossFit classes.  Your introductory class will be your first Fundamentals class.


Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No. New members participate in our Fundamentals Program and then transition into any schedule WOD they like.  The beauty of CrossFit is that all exercises are based on movements that you already do like squatting, pushing and pulling.


Do I have to be in shape to take CrossFit classes?

No.  There is a common misconception that CrossFit is for elite athletes.  It is for everyone.  Sure we say that we are “forging elite fitness” and we are.  If you start where you are today and if you stay on our path it is likely that you will get in to the best physical, emotional and psychical shape of your life.

Allow us to get you there!


Do you recommend training daily?

No.  Maximum benefits are derived from intensity and recovery.  We offer a complete health and fitness program, and so we recommend that you take time to recover so that you perform your best at every session.

We do want to see people coming in on a regular basis.  Generally, the CrossFit prescription is 3 days on and 1 day off.  Of course life doesn’t see it that way.  At a minimum, we want you in 3 to 4 days per week.  Your success matters to us, and the only way to achieve that is if you come in.


What makes CrossFit different than other gyms?

CrossFit is about variance and adaptation.  We “program” our workouts for General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  We do not have leg days, back and bi days or cardio days.  We believe the body is a whole system, and strengthen it as a whole.  Our coaches give basic education in diet and nutrition.  We believe that nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness and know that how we feed our bodies determines how quickly we schieve the results we want.

The best part is that every workout is lead by a qualified coach and you are joined by like-minded people who want to be and feel better.


What can I expect after my first CrossFit workout?

You will feel successful and part of a community of athletes, many of whom you did not expect to be CrossFitters.  You will have a better understanding of how classes run and the method behind what we do.  You will have learned a few things, be a little sore and excited to come back for more.

January 2016 Tuesday's and Thursday's 5:30pm class bring a friend. Sign up at the box. Thursday's CrossFit kids program.
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